Professional Photography

Preparing Your Property for Professional Photos

Your comprehensive guide and checklist.

Great photography will make you proud and confident that your home is presented at its best to the market. With over 80% of buyers using the internet to search for their next purchase, the importance of good photography has never been so critical. Good photography starts with good preparation, so here's a checklist to assist you in preparing your home for a successful photo shoot.

General Tips

> Declutter
​> Remove all personal items and family photos
> Replace old light globes
> Clean windows and blinds and check they open properly
> Hide electrical cables

Living Areas

> Turn off TV
> Remove all remotes, magazines and newspapers
> Remove any exercise equipment
> Remove childrens toys
> Declutter shelves and surfaces
> Ensure books, DVDs and CDs are arranged neatly
> Remove lounge covers (unless there is visible damage to the lounge)

Dining Rooms

> Remove table clothes
> Set tables with your best cutlery of an attractive centrepiece such as candles or flowers
> Ensure objects in display cabinets or shelves are arranged neatly
​> Remove benchtop appliances
> Remove magnets and photos from the fridge
> Remove items stored on top of fridge and cupboards
> Remove tea towels, soap, cleaning products, dish rack and plugs
> Ensure the sink is empty
> Remove bins, floor mats and pet bowls


> Remove toiletries, cleaning products from surfaces, shower and baths
​> Clean all mirrors and surfaces
> Clean shower screens and tiles
> Remove all bath mats, bath toys, bins and scales
> Ensure all towels are matching and hung neatly, alternatively remove them completely


> Remove clothes and clutter from the floor
> Ensure bedside lamps work
> Clear all personal items from the bedside tables and dressers
> Remove all soft toys
> Neatly make beds and smooth out bed linen
> Ensure items stored under beds are not visible
> Tidy walk-in robes

Outside Areas

> Remove bins
> Clean the BBQ, if in sight
> Remove garden equipment and tools
> Remove children toys and play equipment
> Mow the grass and trim the edges
> Weed, mulch and prune the garden
> Remove pets and their evidence
> Remove washing and pegs from the line
​> Park cars, trailers, bikes and caravans out of sight
> Remove excess mail from the letterbox
> Set a table with empty glasses and wine/water decanter to give the impression of easy living


> Clean the pool
> Remove the creepy crawly and other cleaning equipment
> Remove and store the pool cover and hose
> Be careful splashing water around the pool unless their is ample drying time

Dusk Shoot

> Make sure that all lights are working inside and out
> On evening of shoot, turn on all lights and lamps including around the pool, driveway, verandahs, foyer, bedroom lamps etc
> Spray the deck area with water for a wet shiny look

Rainy, Cloudy?

​> Even on a cloudy day our experienced retouchers work their magic to make the cloudiest of days sunny again - so you don't need to worry about the weather!


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